Across-the-board metric increases led to the Metrigy recognition

Research and consulting firm, Metrigy, gave top honors to NICE CXone in its report evaluating conversational AI applications.

This report covers one of six MetriStar categories in which NICE earned Top Provider, a status that recognizes providers whose customers achieved high business success and above-average customer sentiment ratings in their evaluation. In fact, NICE performed better than any other provider throughout the full MetriStar program.

This report covers the category of conversational artificial intelligence, a technology that uses natural language, machine learning, and predictive analytics to communicate naturally with humans in real time. Conversational AI chatbots continuously evolve to improve interactions with both customers and agents—paving a smart- and data-driven path to success.

Metrigy evaluated providers in this category on business metric changes resulting from use, including:

  • Improved revenue
  • Decreased costs
  • Higher customer ratings
  • Increased agent efficiency
Learn more about the industry analysis, Metrigy’s take on NICE CXone capabilities, and see the results for yourself.