The report guides contact center leaders to CX-focused decisions.

Deriving insights from 181 U.S. organizations and 1,000+ consumers, ContactBabel’s latest guide will lead you to smarter CX in your contact center. As a leader, you face difficult, widespread, and highly specific decisions, from exceeding expectations during market or technology disruptions to better managing your budget.

The good news is that, in the face of those decisions, customers know what they want. By listening to their insights, your choices will be clear, informed, and data-driven in 2022 and beyond.

The U.S. Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide includes:

  • The importance of CX in organizations, including governance and how businesses stack up
  • How remote work and call volumes have affected CX during the pandemic
  • How to manage your CX budget, ROI, and channel investments
  • The view from the customer, the business, and the importance of first-contact resolution
  • The technologies, benchmarks, and more that are fueling CX strategies in 2022