If you get demand forecasting wrong, customers might shop elsewhere

Achieve your CSAT goals and increase revenue during holiday season by accurately forecasting customer demand.. With advice from experts and real-world examples, we’ll show you how to balance service levels and labor costs without sacrificing customer service. You’ll gain insight on forecasting demand during holiday season, agility-building tips and best practices for your service delivery and technology, and five ideas on managing and responding to fluctuations faster.

With this expert help, you can:

  • Deliver great CX at scale during holiday season
  • Increase customer satisfaction at micro-moments in customer journeys
  • Manage customer demand swings effectively using best practices
  • Leverage technology to meet customer expectations of service during your busiest times
  • Learn from industry leaders and analysts who offer tips on managing demand swings

Managing demand swings not your gift?

Check out new research on managing demand during peak spending and returns seasons. You’ll learn how to manage increased call volume and much more. Forecast demand the right way, and you can build revenue. Get demand forecasting wrong, and you risk losing customers. What's included:

  • ICMI: Proactive Contact Center Toolkit
  • Strategic Contact: Best Practice Strategies and Tools to Handle Demand Swings
  • ContactBabel: 5 Ways to Manage Demand Swings in Your Contact Center
  • On-demand webinar: Leaders uncover how to handle contact center demand swings