Forrester’s CX Predictions 2022 are in.

How should CX teams manage customer expectations in 2022? Forrester predicts the trends that most impact customer loyalty. Companies successfully delivering great CX will proactively manage churn and prioritize accessibility and privacy. Impending and ongoing product shortages cause customer dissatisfaction that impacts retention, so making the pivot from reactionary to revolutionary will delight customers and empower employees.

What you’ll learn from “Forrester’s Predictions 2022: Customer Experience” report:

  • How brands can avoid losing 50% of sales on backordered items
  • Pandemic-era services that customers expect to be the new normal
  • How labor practices factor into customer purchase decisions
  • Why privacy journey design is a key CX priority in 2022
  • How companies committed to accessibility and privacy will build revenue and more
Forrester report predicts CX pivots
In Forrester’s “Predictions 2022: Customer Experience” report, you’ll learn how being proactive instead of reactionary significantly impacts customer satisfaction and retention.