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Want to get Digital CX right in 2022? Knowledge is power

Curious about the state of the contact center in 2022? We happen to know what it looks like. Our Digital CX Week events were such a big hit, we decided to offer the series on-demand in case you missed it.

NICE enlisted the expertise of industry-leading experts from Forrester, Aberdeen, and more for the series to give their take on emerging trends and opportunities of digital-driven contact center solutions. The strategy for 2022 is all about leveraging digital-first CX solutions to meet customer expectations and drive satisfaction higher.

In this webinar series, learn key components of CX-driven omnidigital strategy:

  • Learn to anticipate customer needs and deliver instant results and satisfaction
  • How to leverage smarter self-service to keep up with customer needs
  • The top 5 forecasted customer trends defining 2022
  • How AI and automation capture micromoments and fulfill customer demands
  • Customers expect instant gratification─learn how you can deliver

Develop your 2022 digital-first CX strategy

In this webinar series, leading industry analysts discuss the latest CX trends and how a digital-first contact center can help grow your business.

    • Session 1: Future Predictions: Your 2022 Digital-First Customer Experience Strategy, featuring:
      • Max Ball, Principal analyst at Forrester
      • Chris Bauserman, VP of Marketing at NICE CXone
    • Session 2: How Smart Self-Service Improves Digital CX and Lowers Costs, featuring:
      • Omer Minkara, VP and Principal Analyst at Aberdeen
      • Andy Traba, Director of Product Marketing at NICE
    • Session 3: Instant Gratification: How to Move at the Speed of Your Customers at Scale, featuring:
      • Blake Morgan, CX Futurist
      • Aaron Rice, VP CXone Expert at NICE CXone
      • Laura Bassett, Sr. Director of Product Marketing and Competitive Marketing at NICE CXone